THE DREAM Video Series

Dear GK SPEAKING Customers,
Business Partners and Friends, 

I am very pleased to announce we have launched the teaser for the upcoming  THE DREAM Video Series on my YouTube cannel.


Please click here to view the video

THE DREAM Video Series


THE DREAM book is officially published


Dear GK SPEAKING Customers, Colleagues,
Business Partners and Friends,

I can officially announce with a great sense of humility, gratitude and fulfilment, ‘THE DREAM – A practical guide to achieving your life’s purpose’ is published!

I wrote the first draft of THE DREAM in March 2015 under difficult circumstances. Through triumph, hardship and non-negotiable determination I can now sign off on this extraordinary development process and focus on the next stage of THE DREAM.




THE DREAM is published now! Be part of it!

A quote from THE DREAM: ‘People are the key to your success! People stand at the door of opportunity!’ Without the belief and unrelenting support from the following people, THE DREAM would not have reached publication. I give thanks to you from the deepest place of my heart:

– My inspirational and selfless wife, Magdalena Schex.
– My parents, Kay Kitchen and Rod Kitchen for their unwavering commitment to my success.
– Clare Christian at RedDoor Publishing for her awareness and vision.
– Heather Boisseau at Red Door: your patience, attitude, commitment and professionalism drove this book to publication.
Andrea Mittermeier for introducing THE DREAM online with her ingenious creative talents.
Michelle Rushton and Shaun Kenny ’s emotional, creative and intellectual know-how guided me from day 1 to publication.
– Vanessa Battersby ’s creativity unveiled the potential of THE DREAM.



Order THE DREAM book now

‘THE DREAM – A practical guide to achieving your life’s purpose’ is available on my website.
If you would like to order a book, please fill in the registration form provided.



For GK SPEAKING, THE DREAM enters a rich development phase with marketing and selling the following services:
THE DREAM book reading/signing events
THE DREAM keynote presentations and the dynamic seminar
THE DREAM Weekend Workshop.

Also, I am personally very excited to observe how RedDoor Publishing markets, sells and distributes THE DREAM to the UK, US, European and Australian literary markets.
I will keep you posted with more news and events as they arise.

Thank you, and to our dreams.

Grant Kitchen


Dear GK SPEAKING Customers, Colleagues,
Business Partners and Friends,

The last few months have been challenging but very rewarding. RedDoor Publishing assigned me an experienced editor and publishing manager to edit and format my book with the intention of creating a world-class self-help business book.
I am happy to disclose the final edited version has reached and surpassed my original ambitions! The RedDoor Editing Team hasn’t only created a professional book, but has taught me many invaluable lessons as a writer. For this, I am extremely grateful.
THE DREAM: Empowering Your Life and Business Ambitions has changed its name to:






Please click to read the first chapter of THE DREAM.




Pre-order THE DREAM now & get one ebook for free!
The first 30 pre-ordered books will receive a free ebook edition as well.
THE DREAM will be published on the 7th of September 2017. All postal deliveries will commence after this date.


Please click on the below link for more information and pre-order THE DREAM. 


I will send the third newsletter with other exciting book features prior to the September 2017 launch date. 

Thank you and to our dreams.

Grant Kitchen
Author, Motivational Speaker & Facilitator


‘There are not many people who change the course of your life irrevocably. For me, Grant Kitchen is one of those people.’ 





Dear GK SPEAKING Customers, Colleagues,
Business Partners and Friends,

I am very happy to announce GK SPEAKING has signed an international publishing agreement with RedDoor Publishing.
After many enquiries and negotiating through the UK, US and Australian publishing industries,
THE DREAM: A practical guide to achieving your life´s purpose
has found a professional publisher with a world-class reputation.

Introducing RedDoor Publishing

Red Door Publishing

Proud to be Different!

RedDoor Publishing is a hybrid publisher that publishes brilliant fiction, excellent commercial non-fiction and ground-breaking business books. Set up and run by an award-winning team, RedDoor publisher Clare Christian had this to say about The Dream: ‘I’m delighted to be working with Grant to publish his inspirational and practical book. I have taken many lessons from it already – it’s a must-read for anyone seeking to make positive changes in their business or home life.’

Clare Christian, Publisher


THE DREAM Publication launch date: 07.09.2017

Launch Date

The English version of THE DREAM: A practical guide to achieving your life´s purpose will be available to purchase on the 07.09.2017 and available to pre-order from March. RedDoor Publishing will be looking to secure a publishing agreement with a German publisher, for my German customers and colleagues. This means, the translation and launch date for the German version of THE DREAM: A practical guide to achieving your life´s purpose will be in 2018.
German publishers interested in acquiring rights to The Dream should contact Anna Burtt, Rights Manager.


Experience THE DREAM

I will post two more newsletters in the lead up to the September publication deadline. In the final newsletter I will highlight which online retailers are available to purchase my book; although, my website will also be an online outlet, and here I will give a considerable discount.

I am very excited about this new stage with my book and GK SPEAKING, AND this new opportunity for you to confirm or realise your personal and business ambitions.

To our dreams.

Grant Kitchen



Introductory Blog


Dear GK Speaking Customers, Colleagues and Business Partners,

I am very pleased to inform you, GK Speaking has launched its new website!!!!

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea Mittermeier ( the creator of my website and all social media advertising with GK Speaking for her outstanding accomplishment and hours of hard work. Also, I would like to thank Stephanie Utschig for her website translation. Thank you for your support Stephanie.

This will be the third website and reincarnation of GK Speaking since its humble beginning in 2006.

Obviously, many aspects of my business have evolved over the years, and I am personally very excited with this new instalment.

GK Speaking is now divided into two parts:

  • Motivational Business English and Communication Training
  • The Dream 

The second part ‘The Dream’ is a brand new product based on my book ‘The Dream – Empowering Your Life and Business Ambitions’.

My soon to be published book is a practical, hands-on manual, with each chapter offering a different perspective and insight into achieving your dreams. This empowering book has now been transformed into life changing keynote presentations, intensive self-discovery workshops and one-on-one coaching programmes.

If you feel my new and existing services at GK Speaking are of value to you, then please review my website, connect with my social media sites and register for my newsletter.

Thank you, and to your dreams!!!

Grant Kitchen

Managing Director | GK SPEAKING